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Lia L.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I’m pretty picky with solar, especially since it feels like there’s a million companies out there all trying to get your money. Ambia is full of employees who truly care and help you every step of the way. Good customer service AND a good product is hard to come by. These guys blow the competition out of the water!

Denise P.

Columbus, Ohio

I got to know Ambia Solar through their representatives Nate Bond and Mason Martin. Both were incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and patient as they walked me through what solar would mean financially and physically (to my house/roof). I had many questions, and they handled each one. Financially, the original estimate would have been the same or a little lower per month than my existing AEP bill (to finance the panels). I had concerns about the integrity and age of my roof - and your roof is a factor in this consultation - so they called out a roofer to inspect and advise. As it turns out, my roof is more aged than what would be reasonable to install without replacing it. While Ambia Solar could technically finance the roof replacement with the panels, doing both projects at this time is more than I can bite off. I do support sustainable/renewable energy and environmentally conscious consumption, and this company provided a very comprehensive experience to understanding how solar to play a part. I would likely look to them in the future if I find the right timing and a newer roof.

Brett B.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Operationally, Ambia is as clean as a whistle. They’re prompt on communication which is hard to come by in the construction business. Simple, straightforward, and having a dedicated account manager is a MAJOR plus. Doing research beforehand is important, but I’d recommend Ambia to anyone of my friends or family.

Nate A.


After shopping around a couple different solar companies, I ended up going with Ambia which so far has been phenomenal. Highly recommend!

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